Do you or a loved one experience frequent HAE attacks?

Learn more about Oasis Plus, a clinical research study for people with hereditary angioedema (HAE) on prophylactic therapy.

UPDATE: Enrollment for our Phase-III, placebo-controlled trial, Oasis-HAE, is now closed.  Our open-label extension study, Oasis Plus, remains open to enrollment for individuals with Hereditary Angioedema currently on prophylactic therapy.

The Oasis Plus study is a clinical research study sponsored by Ionis Pharmaceuticals, a company developing a potential new therapy for HAE.  This study will help researchers learn whether an investigational study drug is safe and effective for people with HAE when given over a long-term period.

What is HAE?

HAE is a rare and potentially life-threatening genetic disease that causes painful swelling attacks in various parts of the body, mainly in the hands, feet, face, throat, and stomach area. Swelling in the airway can restrict breathing and be fatal. A HAE attack may be triggered by emotional trauma or stress; however, an attack often occurs without a known trigger. Attacks can occur without warning and last up to several days if untreated.

About the Study

What is the Oasis Study?

HAE is a rare, potentially life-threatening disease that causes painful swelling attacks, mainly in the hands, feet, face, throat, and stomach area. Swelling in the airway can restrict breathing and be fatal. Attacks can occur without warning and last up to several days. Most cases of HAE are caused by a genetic mutation that affects production of a protein called C1-inhibitor. HAE affects approximately 20,000 people in the U.S. and Europe. There are medicines available to treat and prevent HAE attacks. Researchers are currently looking for new treatment options that might work better or help improve people’s quality of life.

About Oasis Plus

This study will help researchers learn if the study drug is safe and effective for people with HAE when given over a long-term period. Participants in Oasis Plus are either:

  1. Switching over from a different prophylaxis OR
  2. Continuing on from another donidalorsen study

Who can participate in the Oasis Plus study? 

You may qualify for the study if you meet the following requirements: 

  • You are 12 years of age or older, and diagnosed with HAE Type 1 or Type 2  
  • You have been on a stable dose of prophylactic medication such as lanadelumab, berotralstat, or a C1-esterase inhibitor to manage HAE for at least 12 weeks (and are looking to switch) OR 
  • You have already participated in the Oasis Phase 3 study for HAE 
  • Other requirements will apply. 

What can participants in the Oasis Plus study expect?  

  • The study will last up to 3 years. 
  • There is no placebo – everyone enrolled receives active study drug. 
  • Participants will receive an injection of the study drug every 4 weeks or 8 weeks depending on symptoms. 
  • Study-related health assessments will be provided at no cost. Participants will be reimbursed for costs associated with study visits (e.g., air travel, mileage, parking). 

About the Study Drug

What is the Donidalorsen?

The study drug is called donidalorsen (don-id-a-lor-sen). Donidalorsen is designed to lower the amount of a protein called prekallikrein (PKK) in the body. By lowering PKK, donidalorsen may help reduce or prevent HAE attacks.

Donidalorsen is an injection that is administered under the skin of the upper arm, abdomen, or thigh.

Find a Study Location

For location information or questions, please contact us at [email protected] or 844-501-0233.

51 Study Locations

United States













United Kingdom

Study Locations Map:

[`Ionis Investigative Site`,33.4986286,-111.9224398,0,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Scottsdale, United States 85251

`,151], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,32.8563846,-117.2029363,1,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

San Diego, United States 92122

`,148], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,34.02875,-118.4717975,2,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Santa Monica, United States 90404

`,123], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,37.8961825,-121.9814354,3,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Walnut Creek, United States 94598

`,152], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,38.8778926,-104.8104424,4,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Colorado Springs, United States 80907

`,125], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,27.950575,-82.4571776,5,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Tampa, United States 33613

`,126], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,39.1155314,-94.6267873,6,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Kansas City, United States 66205

`,127], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,42.3652917,-71.0646337,7,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Boston, United States 02114

`,128], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,42.3053253,-83.6694169,8,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Ann Arbor, United States 48109

`,129], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,38.6212468,-90.2526163,9,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Saint Louis, United States 63110

`,153], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,39.9611755,-82.9987942,10,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Columbus, United States 43235

`,131], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,41.6647825,-83.7358514,11,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Toledo, United States 43617

`,132], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,40.2713328,-76.6297189,12,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Hershey, United States 17033

`,149], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,32.8798071,-96.7547522,13,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Dallas, United States 75231

`,133], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,40.6620696,-111.8866683,14,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Murray, United States 84107

`,134], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,50.884218,4.3580002,15,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Brussels, Belgium 1020

`,135], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,50.850308,4.4278228,16,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Brussels, Belgium 1200

`,162], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,51.152982,4.4380338,17,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Edegem, Belgium 2650

`,144], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,42.6977082,23.3218675,18,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Sofia, Bulgaria 1431

`,136], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,42.6696053,23.2877825,19,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Sofia, Bulgaria 1680

`,137], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,45.3817128,-75.6277824,20,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Ottawa, Canada K1G6C6

`,138], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,53.5279792,-113.5279025,21,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Edmonton, Canada T6G 2G3

`,219], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,55.4098387,10.4033485,22,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Odense, Denmark 5000

`,160], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,45.205168,5.737805,23,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

La Tronche, France 38700

`,139], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,43.296482,5.36978,24,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Marseille, France 13385

`,165], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,48.8293647,2.4265406,25,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Paris, France 75012

`,156], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,52.4426272,13.3103368,26,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Berlin, Germany 12203

`,159], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,50.1109221,8.6821267,27,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Frankfurt, Germany 60590

`,147], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,48.1381386,11.6033512,28,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Munich, Germany 81675

`,218], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,31.6687885,34.5742523,29,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Ashkelon, Israel 78278

`,166], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,32.7940463,34.989571,30,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Haifa, Israel 3104802

`,217], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,32.0852999,34.7817676,31,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Tel Aviv, Israel 6423906

`,167], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,37.508091,15.0820457,32,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Catania, Italy 95124

`,215], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,45.4480149,9.254148,33,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Milan, Italy 20138

`,140], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,40.864297,14.1989038,34,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Napoli, Italy 80131

`,216], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,45.397898,11.9046617,35,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Padova, Italy 35128

`,209], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,38.158607,13.3183038,36,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Palermo, Italy 90146

`,168], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,52.2949983,4.9602433,37,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Amsterdam, Netherlands 1105 AZ

`,157], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,53.2207562,6.5762139,38,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Groningen, Netherlands 9713 GZ

`,220], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,50.0647145,19.9520265,39,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Kraków, Poland 31-503

`,210], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,41.4264213,2.1401139,40,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Barcelona, Spain 08035

`,141], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,41.3494786,2.1033017,41,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Barcelona, Spain 8907

`,158], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,40.4731818,-3.6864121,42,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Madrid, Spain 28046

`,142], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,37.3552204,-5.9673967,43,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Sevilla, Spain 41013

`,143], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,39.4392328,-0.3795438,44,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Valencia, Spain 46026

`,163], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,39.9370662,32.8747213,45,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Ankara, Turkey 6230

`,169], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,41.0200892,28.9310295,46,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Istanbul, Turkey 34093

`,211], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,38.4502845,27.2058765,47,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

İzmir, Turkey 35100

`,212], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,52.480218,-1.8299655,48,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Birmingham, United Kingdom B9 5SS

`,213], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,51.4948056,-2.5910159,49,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

Bristol, United Kingdom BS10 5NB

`,145], [`Ionis Investigative Site`,51.5187007,-0.0601644,50,`0`,`

Ionis Investigative Site

London, United Kingdom E1 1FR


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