Complete the questionnaire below to find out if you may be a candidate for the OASIS-HAE study. Your answers will not be stored or shared.


1. Are you over 12 years of age?

2. Have you been diagnosed with HAE?

3. Do you have access to at least 1 acute medication to treat HAE attacks?

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Your answers indicate that the OASIS-HAE Study may be an option for you.

What can you do next?

If you are interested in participating in the OASIS-HAE clinical trial, contact a study site near you to learn more. As always, you should discuss any treatment considerations with your doctor.

Contact an oasis-hae study site near you.

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Based on your answers, we’re not sure if the OASIS-HAE study is an option for you. Please contact your doctor if you have questions.
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To learn more about who may qualify for this study, see the eligibility criteria.
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You should also speak with your doctor to learn more about other available options.